Swedish multi-platnium songwriter Elliphant shares inspiration behind new album TROLL

Swedish singer/songwriter and rapper Elliphant has just shared a new transformative album. Entitled TROLL, the eight-track collection highlights her raw and invigorating creativity and genre-bending style while giving a deep ode to nature, the enigma and the power of being a mother. Elements of punk, electronic pop, grime and hip-hop perminate the music, with Elliphant working with producer Johan Wedel on the intoxicating mix.

The artist began sharing music in 2012 and since then has captivated the world with her music and collaborations, working with international stars including Diplo, Doja Cat, Skrillex and Major Lazer. TROLL is an album unlike any other and a rebellion against societal pressures. We chat with Elliphant about her inspirations, thoughts on LA and Stockholm and what’s next.

Why did you name your album TROLL? What significance does this have to you?

What we today call mythology, was way back then when it took place not just stories but our reality…They were our answers to the mystery of our spirits. For example, what we today call mental illness or a diagnosis were in those days often explained by meetings with the grays, the nature folks. For me the message of TROLL is to remind people that we still don’t have the answers. We’re still just trying to find them and this society matrix is just desperately trying to control everything. It’s a totem to the mystic nature we all got callin’ from within! It’s about facing and caressing your demons. And accept that our only truth is in the mystery.

Do you have a favorite track on the album and if so why is it significant?

Everyday I am new so I don’t do favorites. But I really love the whole thing. I see it as one long song.

Sonically, I hear so many different genres. Can you tell our readers about your inspiration musically?

I have never listened to one particular music. My music life has always been very wide so my hope with my sound is to always be able to work with some sort of nostalgia mashed up with some futuristic genre bending.

Do you think there is a perfect time and place to listen to the album, does it lend itself to a particular listening experience?

I think it’s probably best to listen to it in your headphones, sitting on the Swedish subway while staring back at yourself in the reflection of the black window…

You have a child, how has becoming a mother influenced the music you create?

I’m not hunting motherhood anymore so my writing is different. I’m home now. With her. So I think my lyrics has in a sense changed since my kid was born and I started doing music again. I’m not longing anymore.

You have lived in both Stockholm and Los Angeles. How do these places influence your music and do you find a stark difference between the two?

It’s very different. The most positive thing about Los Angeles for me was that I felt very accepted in my spirit, I felt seen for who I am and appreciated for it. Here in Sweden it’s a struggle, I don’t feel that acceptance in the same way here. I have always felt like an underdog in Stockholm but it’s here I have my family and my closest friends, and I got nature. I love that.
But! There’re not enough producers to work with in Stockholm, that sucks. and there’re not enough humans in Sweden to really live off your music… That was a big difference living in America, America is this new country where everybody are their own kings while Sweden is a very old country where we move slowly ahead. Together as a flock. You can really feel the difference that has on people’s mindsets.

You have collaborated with so many amazing talents. Is there one in particular who influenced you the most?

Maybe not influenced me but some of them, for example Karen Mø ,is an amazing inspiration in how she deals with her life in the spotlight. I’ve known her from day one when I came into the music industry and that means a lot.

What do you hope listeners take away from your album?

Energy! And wonder….

What is next for Elliphant?

Try to get on tour!!!!!!! ….. and start dropping music from Volume 2 of TROLL.

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