Dre Delamar is all about ‘Vibes’

Santa Ana, CA-based artist Dre Delamar is an emerging West Coast act whose smooth blend of hip-hop, soul, and R&B caught our attention and was just too refreshing that we had to share. The project in question is a three-track body of work simply titled Vibes. The title alludes to the feelings and emotions he was going through during the peak of the pandemic and global lockdown. Trying not to let the dire situation bog him down, he decided to pour his feelings on wax while hoping for a better tomorrow in an uncertain period. He adds via email that writing it was so therapeutic and served as a perfect emotional relief in that dark period.

Vibes opens up on a soulful and uplifting note with the aptly titled track “Timeless” guided by the rich, neo soul production by Dyspo. Delamar teams up with an unknown singer to trade melodic lines about keeping an open communication to maintain a solid relationship. This is followed by K. English‘s sparse, experimental and punchy production on “Voss” where Delamar goes into story mode with vivid details of a potential rendezvous with a lady that caught his eye. The final cut “Away” is a laidback, somber record ripe with summery guitars, lush lowtone keys and groovy drums. Here, Delamar implores us that love can help overcome all obstacles and all we have to do is belive and keep the faith. He is joined by vocalists Francois Dean, and JaRay who help out on background vocal duties.

If you like your hip-hop drenched in soulful melodies and spirit lifting vibes, Delamar’s Vibes is perfect for you. 

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