Tensteps’ “Smoke & Mirrors” is an experiment of techno-influenced dance

Tensteps‘ “Smoke & Mirrors” ventures into the realm of techno-influenced dance music, marking a profound step into a daring experiment, melding pulsating beats and gritty acid lines with the emotive melodies and vocals that have become synonymous with his distinctive sound.

Representing a fusion of genres, “Smoke & Mirrors” offers listeners a journey that epitomises Tensteps’ fearless approach to production: merging hard-hitting elements with his melodic flair, showcasing versatility across dance music. The track’s adventurous sounds infuse it a unrefined energy characteristic of techno, showcasing its innovative nature.

“Smoke & Mirrors”, in essence, not only highlights New York artist Tensteps’ evolution – since “One Day” back in 2018 – but also serves as an experimentation of a transformative journey through soundscapes; an unparalleled and immersive listening experience across 2-minutes and 42 seconds of bliss!

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