The Ceiling Stares reminds us it's okay not to be okay on “Mouthbreather"

The Ceiling Stares drops intoxicating and positive track “Mouthbreather,” blending indie rock with synth pop within his lush artistry of modern yet classic soundscapes and witty song writing. With a catchy beat led by his deep vocals and an ambient instrumental of hazy synths and soaring organs, the track acknowledges  how we as humanity deal with our insecurities.

Encouraging to lose ourselves in the danceable beats of its genre-hopping sonics, the track is infused with self-awareness and hope as it reminds us that "It's ok to not feel ok." Giving us the opportunity to lie back and soothe ourselves through any moments of existential dread, “Mouthbreather,” is an honest exploration of human emotions tinged with upbeat energy and cutting emotive delivery.

A self-professed multi-genre musician, The Ceiling Stares taps into his ability to simplify complex societal themes with  tongue-in-cheek lyricism carried by his sharp vocal delivery and buoyant productions. Infusing punchy elements from artists like Kraftwork and Talking Heads with his own authentic brand of experimental electronic music, the rising solo act continues to refine his anthemic artistry.

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