Delja shares a new single, “New House”

Delja‘s latest single, “New House,” is a true masterpiece of R&B, Soul, and Pop elements crafted in collaboration with the talented Alessandro Grasso. Delja, a rising star from a charming German town, has created a mesmerizing piece that will touch your heart and resonate with your soul.

In a world where authenticity is rare, Delja stands out as a beacon of genuine storytelling through her music. “New House” is not just a song; it’s a vessel of emotions that narrates her bold odyssey from her tranquil hometown to the bustling streets of London. Delja’s velvety vocals effortlessly capture the essence of leaving behind the familiar for the uncharted, encapsulating the bittersweet cocktail of excitement and nostalgia.

The synergy between Delja and Alessandro Grasso is nothing short of magic. “New House” becomes an immersive experience as they blend their artistic prowess seamlessly. The production envelops you like a warm embrace while Delja’s voice guides you through a labyrinth of feelings accompanying the pursuit of dreams.

As we eagerly anticipate her upcoming EP, “New House” is a tantalizing appetizer for the feast that Delja has prepared for us. Her music is an invitation not just to listen but to connect. With each note, she opens a window into her world, allowing us to glimpse her joys, fears, and triumphs.

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