Darius Martin is shamelessly lovesick with new single “Some Time”

Darius Martin is an artist who draws in a colorful landscape of diverse cultures and sonic influences to create a tapestry of meaningful work. His latest single, “Some Time”, is a heart-bearing alternative R&B meets Latin pop track written about the woeful nature of an unattainable love.

“Some Time” is swimming in serenity with lush echoes that bounce against powerfully poignant verses and harmonic strings. Darius Martin captains the track with his commanding retrospective vocal. “Some Time” is about pining for someone from afar. Darius Martin sings, “I tried to love you / but I always lose control. Don’t listen to em’ baby / you know this is your home.” “Some Time” is layered with a multitude of voices that all sing with the same emotion of searching for fulfillment.

Darius Martin was born in El Paso, Texas and grew up in Alamogordo, New Mexico. He uses these desert landscapes to inspire his philosophical songwriting. He is currently based in LA where he pushes the boundaries of R&B and pop with his infectious, slow burning sound. Listen to “Some Time” here for an elusive essence of a love that remains just beyond reach.

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