The China Blue shares new moving single "SiLENCE"

The China Blue has done it again. Delivering another classic indie song that demands listeners to sing it aloud with no regard for anyone around them. Oozing with creativity, his newest single "SiLENCE" is a deeply personal indie jam that combines vocal layering and smooth guitar riffs to create a summer-themed hit. 

At its core, the song is brilliantly layered. The continuous mesh of pulsing electric guitar and drumbeat keeps listeners hooked to every word The China Blue is saying. He capitalizes on this by compounding the production with heart-wrenching lyrics that speak on the fear of death and being forgotten. It's a moving track in every way possible. From the lyrics that seem to touch the soul of anyone listening to the production that'll make anyone get up and start moving to the intoxicating beat. The accompanying introspective visualizer reverberates many of the same themes that made the track so great.

The Chine Blue has released a number of great singles over the past couple of months. Ever improving from release to release, he certainly has an exciting road ahead of him. Make sure to stay tuned to his music as he continues to release more emotionally charged and impressive songs.

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