The Habits unleash their amusing new visuals for “Shoulders”

Most of us at some point have felt a need to be liked by others, but sometimes it is at the expense of losing ourselves. The Habits’ pithy, ferocious single “Shoulders” explores the idea of letting go of others perceptions and just how freeing that can feel. With hard-hitting arrangements of vibrant guitars and pounding drums, the track surges with energetic intensity.

The quirky visuals display lead singer Wolf Bradley sitting at a stuffy dinner party with the so-called elite. Some of the guests are presented as manikins implying they are just superficial with no substance. By the video’s end he has thrown all decorum out the window, tossing food around and making a big mess. Bradley finally realizes he does not need to obsess over portraying a perfect image to fit in.

The alt pop outfit The Habits met each other in the town of San Pedro. Comprised of singer/guitarist Wolf Bradley and drummer Andrew Macatrao, the band is known for their highly infectious melodies that repeat over and over in your head. Their lyrical messages of love and loss tell a slightly forlorn story, but it is always contrasted by their playful, bubbly sound. Check out the compelling visuals for “Shoulders” now.

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