The Next Movement hate to break it, but we are living in “The Age Of Fake”

The prolific funk-soul band The Next Movement keeps giving us that much-needed energy in these trying times and on their new release “The Age Of Fake”. On their latest song, they once again hit the bullseye with their insightful social commentary and catchy melodies. The vibrant tune is made up of rich funk synths, pulsating basslines and crunchy drum grooves underpinned by layered vocal runs and ear-grabbing harmonies to boot.

Here, the band share the story of Tina May whose life is dictated by what she sees online and being overly consumed by social media has led her to be somewhat detached from life. From glamourizing IG models to adopting a lifestyle that is far from their true personality, we get to see how deep the rabbit hole Tina falls into before she realizes that it’s all fake.

Overall, the track can be said to be an insightful discourse on the behaviour and problems of many teenagers and young adults stuck in this modern social media age and with their lives blurred between reality and the virtual, it’s often hard to distinguish between the two and that is where the problem lies.

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