Rising star DEJA drops breathtaking debut EP ‘Intro’

When an artist drops a debut project or song, it’s often seen as their first big landmark. It’s their yardstick, something that their efforts to come are always measured against. For Solihull-born songstress DEJA, her debut project has been a long time in the making. She has already been a huge success on the live circuit, performing alongside the likes of Stormzy, The Jacksons and Etta Bond. This week DEJA finally released her EP Intro, and it serves as exactly the kind of exhilarating debut you would want from an artist.

DEJA · Intro

Having grown up idolising the likes of Aaliyah, Destiny’s Child and Stevie Wonder, it’s not hard to see where these influences have blended into her own music. Intro is an mesmerising blend of R&B soulfulness and pop grooves, combining to create an enthralling mix that captivates throughout. Lyrically, DEJA explores the topics of love and loss, keeping the listener enticed throughout. In her own words, DEJA describes what the EP feels like to her; ‘I’m very much in an unapologetic place right now so most of the tracks affirm my assertion of power; “ted talk”, “Sit Down”, “Control”, all came from an IDGAF kinda energy’ she explains. 

Intro stands amongst its peers in terms of sheer production quality, however, the sound DEJA is pushing is lightyears ahead. The opening track “Ted Talk” blends electronic bleeps with R&B drum patterns, as DEJA’s soulful vocals soothe as she talks about being a strong woman. Whereas “Control” is a more upbeat, pop tinged banger, with pounding drums and groovy basslines that really make you want to move your body. This EP is the perfect first encounter for new listeners, and really gives you a great sense of what the British songstress is all about.

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