The Rocket Summer shares acoustic rock ode to individuality “Don’t Be Yourself”

Bryce Avary of The Rocket Summer delivers an acoustic rock ode to individuality with “Don’t Be Yourself,” led by his clear and confident vocals that float over minimal yet impactful guitars.

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Taking time to reflect on the intricate details that each person should honor and share with the world, the track brims with acoustic guitar riffs that soar from soft to powerful and strong, framed by the solid rhythms of drums and cymbals alongside the melodic touches of cello and mandolin.

Reminding us of how living the shadows of others’ perceptions can corrode the happiness in our lives, the track encourages us to fully embrace “being yourself,” drawing from the best and worst to make for a fulfilling life.

The track is backed by heart-warming visuals that illustrate the story of someone finding themselves despite all obstacles. With vivid splashes of colour balancing out pencilled sketches, the track celebrates every written moment of life as a story worth telling

With a musicality steeped in self-expression, celebration and honest, Avary whose career began in 2000 has traversed various eras and genres of music all rooted in his ability to speak his mind with strength and tenderness in equal turns.

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