The Romance shares emo goodbye anthem “Fu2urface”

New Jersey born and bred and now Los Angeles based artist Cody Hoffman is back with a new single from his musical project The Romance. Entitled “Fu2urface”, the song is a gritty in your face pop rock banger.

With “Fu2urface”, The Romance writes a song all about telling off someone who has done you wrong. For him, it was an old manager and he needed to say goodbye and release his intense emotions in order to move on. Lyrics including, “But i dont wanna talk about me anyway/ Cause all damn night / I’ve wanted to say / F*ck you to your face / You’re always right /that’s my mistake,” show the reletable feeling of anger and resentment building up until pure honesty can come out. Musically, “Fu2urface” features thrashing guitars, energetic bouncy bass and heavy hitting drums. A pop laden chorus makes for an infectious listen and The Romance’s ferocious delivery is palpable and understandable.

The Romance began releasing music this year. Already working with industry veterans Carlos De La Garza (Ziggy Marley, Paramore), Gavin Mackillop (Miley Cyrus, Goo Goo Dolls) and Scot Stewart (Avril Lavigne, Blink 182), The Romance is quickly taking the industry by storm. The artist is set to tour in 2024 opening for The Summer Set. Take a listen to “Fu2urface” now and let off some steam.

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