The Slice, Episode 104 [Hip Hop + R&B]

The Slice is a piece that gives readers a quick glimpse into a handful of musical releases from around the globe. These are songs that might have slipped under your radar but don’t worry, we are here to help you out.

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Sabrina Starke x Jafunk – “Love The Mystery (Jafunk Remix)”

Singer/songwriter Sabrina Starke‘s “Love The Mystery” gets a funky update- courtesy of Australian-based DJ/ producer Jafunk. The prolific does his magic with a smooth mix of electric funky guitar licks, pulsating bass with lush textures, and a pounding head-nodding drum groove to match Sabrina’s earworm vocals.

Emilia Anastazja – “Fear”.

London-based Polish-Swiss singer, songwriter, and guitarist Emilia Anastazja embraces her “Fear” in her new release. The mellow self-empowerment anthem sees her facing the brutal facts of life and takes the bull by the horns with tenacity. Over the alluring and warm backdrop, she sings “I’m moving on, I got nothing to lose” as she walks in the light of her own strength.

Nova Banks – “When I Fall”.

Rising R&B singer Nova Banks enters our playlist with “When I Fall”, a heartfelt lovelorn anthem that explores loss and lingering love after that special someone is gone. The production is regal and has a soul-stirring element that blends perfectly with her whispered vocal runs and heartwarming songwriting.

Solomon Fox, Khi Infinite – “Make Room”

Producer Solomon Fox and artist Khi Infinite team up to “Make Room” in this brilliant Lo-Fi R&B/hiphop-infused track that talks about finding one’s true purpose by letting things go and creating space for new thoughts and ideas. The duo delivers a reflective and uplifting number that will surely resonate with everyone.

INASEH – “Where the Angels Fly”.

Sacramento-based artist INASEH leads us into the place “Where the Angels Fly“. The production is sombre, soulful, and fits his laidback and whispered flow and heartfelt lyrics.

Timi O – “Inebriation”.

Massachusetts-born hip-hop artist Timi O takes time to reflect on “Inebriation.” The laidback Lo-Fi soul tune is peppered with insightful and relatable bars that show listeners a glimpse into the dark patches of life and the many characters that traverse it.

Zanotti – “Cr Freestyle”.

UK rapper Zanotti and Alexw step up to the podium with their new single “Cr Freestyle”. The fiery grime track is a display of lyrical skills and showcases hard-hitting bars laced over a punchy and rousing soundscape.

Sebastian Kamae x Jalen Santoy – “Botany”

Sebastian Kamae and Jalen Santoy share “Botany”, the final single from their forthcoming collaborative project Story For Late. The track is a blend of soul/lofi and hip-hop and it’s peppered with engaging rhyme schemes and soothing melodic runs by Raina Pore.

rocomoco x The Hidden – “Paul Take a Picture”

Rocomoco and The Hidden are preparing to release a conceptual collaborative album, Electric Paradise, but in the interim, they share the final single, “Paul Take a Picture.” The track is comprised of sombre strings, birds chirping, and an overwhelming nostalgia-inducing texture.

Abraysiv – “Ease Your Mind”

Nashville-based artist Abraysiv drops new single “Ease Your Mind” with longtime collaborator Casein behind the boards. Over the brooding and haunting strings, pads, and soft textures, Abraysiv takes us deep into a place where he eases the mind with excellent lyrical proficiency and engaging rhyme schemes.

Ghost Cartridge x Wyzaker – “REJECT”.

Straight out of Calgary, AB & Vancouver Island, BC we have the duo Ghost Cartridge and Wyzaker, two nerdcore hip-hop emcees who team up to drop a new single “REJECT”. The explosive track has a video-effect-infused backdrop with thick basslines and punchy drums.

Lauren Tatyana – “Relapse”.

Singer/songwriter Lauren Tatyana caught our attention with her distinct vocals on her new single “Relapse.” The track talks about the desire to do something even though you know it’s bad for you and sees Lauren delivering a soul-gripping performance peppered with relatable songwriting and a memorable hook to match.

C.Shreve the Professor x King Garbage – “Oooh (AVL)”.

C. Shreve the Professor and King Garbage team up for “Oooh (AVL),” a no-holds-barred track that gives audiences a glimpse into the lives of artists pushing through the madness called life. From reflective, insightful to heartfelt lines that listeners can feel.

Jah’Mila – “Bad Habit”

Halifax, Nova Scotia-based singer/songwriter, Jah’Mila shares new single “Bad Habit” featuring Kayo. The laidback soulful/ jazz-infused piece is a heartfelt and insightful exploration of love and the aftermath of the life-changing experiences that refuse to go away even when one’s partner is gone. “Bad Habit” is the final single from Jah’Mila’s forthcoming sophomore album.

ShaSimone – “Let Go” (feat. JB Made It)”.

British-Ghanaian rapper/singer/songwriter ShaSimone helped us close out this week’s list with the self-empowerment anthem, a brand new single “Let Go”. Backed by the guitar-driven backdrop crafted by JB Made It, ShaSimone brings her dual artistry to the forefront with unapologetic and reflective raps on the verses with a smooth melodic performance on the chorus.