The Unusuals drop “Pressure” video, elevating hip-hop to new heights [Video]

The Unusuals is a talented hip-hop duo out of the Pacific Northwest made up of Ninjaface and Xperience. They just put out a new single “Pressure” with a crazy music video directed by Tim Carpenter and their new album is droppin’ globally on December 22nd and it’s gonna be a game changer in hip hop.

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“Pressure” ain’t just another song, its a journey into the complexity of life. Ninjaface and Xperience crafted some expert lyrics and Theory Hazit produced the sick beat. The song explores the weight of pressure in life and the choices we make between good and bad.

What makes this release special is they collaborated with the fight coordinator from The Mandalorian. The music video has a super cinematic vibe that’s gonna hook people. Xperience said making the video was unlike anything they’ve done before. The fight choreography brought this intense, movie-like feel to their vision.

Xperience said “Pressure” is about the pressure of life weighing us down and the choices we make between good and evil. Ninjaface added that to him, it’s about being aware of the unpredictable world and taking steps to stay safe and secure.

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