bloody white releases debut EP ‘you’d walk right over me’

19-year-old singer/songwriter/producer bloody white has a gift for making incredible, slightly left-of-center pop music. The young talent just released his debut EP, you’d walk right over me, but has been writing songs since the age of 16, when he was sent to a boarding school for troubled teens.

The lead single, “tongue tied,” is an undeniable highlight from the six-song project. It’s a reflection of his high school experience with a focus on substance use and its results. More than that, “tongue tied” is an impressive track that proves bloody white’s ability to craft an irresistible, special hook with an indie/pop combination that hasn’t been heard before. The song will immediately have the listener greeting people with the chorus’ lyrics: “hey, hi how’s it go?” 

Other highlights include the slow, head-nodding track “first time.” The entire EP is a full display of bloody white’s strengths: impressively cohesive ideas that reel in the listener with unique sounds and intriguing lyrics. The listener gets to view inside bloody white’s brain on the EP, but is still left wanting a better understanding of the artist behind the tracks. The songs aren’t for fans of any specific genre or style; they’re for fans of great music that hasn’t been done before. Check out you’d walk right over me up above. 

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