The Unusuals released a new album “The Unusuals” [Album]

The Unusuals are a music duo made up of Xperience and Ninjaface. They have just released a new album called “The Unusuals” which is very different from other music in its genre. The album has 18 songs and lasts for almost 50 minutes. It is not just music, it is also a spiritual and emotional experience that talks about the struggles and successes of growth and change.

Xperience and Ninjaface are very experienced musicians who have been making music for many years. They have been a part of many famous music groups like Oldominion, Grayskul, Step Cousins (XP & Macklemore), and Th3rdz. Their music is unique and represents their artistic journey.

The third song in the album, ‘The Wake’, is considered the best one. It has great music and the lyrics are very clever. It talks about the history of hip-hop music while also introducing new ideas.

The album has 18 songs that showcase the duo’s talent and creativity. It is a statement about their independence and their unique style. They want their fans to join them on a musical journey and to feel inspired by their message.

“The Unusuals” album is a great example of how music can change people. It is a message of hope and encouragement for those who want to be different and to embrace their true selves.

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