Tigie’s rise as an icon of cultural fusion in Afropop with “Y U Mad”

Afropop sensation Tigie skillfully blends the soulful rhythms of his homeland with the infectious melodies of Western pop on latest production “Y U Mad,” an anthem that blends catchy melodies and introspective lyricism to celebrate both  personal growth and the evolution of the Afropop genre.

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A vibrant reflection of his musical odyssey and the diverse influences that shape his artistry, the groovy production takes us on a musical odyssey and the diverse influences that shape his artistry led by sonics that are both invigorating and profound.

With a musicality that brims with unity, harmony and diversity of human expression, Tigie’s path from the lively alleys of Freetown to the bustling thoroughfares of Harlem is a tale of musical exploration and cultural fusion.

Embodying the spirit of a cultural phenomenon that bridges the vibrancy of Sierra Leone, the rhythmic pulse of Ghana, and the universal language of music, this is a promising talent poised to shape the future of a genre on a global stage.