MC Bravado speaks to all the "CLOUT (Ass Rappers)" [Video]

It's been a minute since MC Bravado released his acclaimed The Living Game LP and now he is back with his latest music video for the song "CLOUT (Ass Rappers)."  The illMeasured produced track is a humor-filled diatribe against the clout chasing, attention hoarding wave of rappers who seem to have nothing else going for themselves besides their colorful hairstyles and gimmicky behaviors. MC Bravado sure is having fun with this and runs through all the various means by which these microwave emcees use to keep their names in the spotlight.

The visual is directed by Nick Palmer and features quite a lot of cliches we see every day. From skin-clad video vixens, gun-toting goons, flashy cars, extensive face tattoos, and ridiculous mannerisms, Palmer brings it all home with MC Bravado in the forefront living vicariously through the lens of the proverbial clout rapper.
"CLOUT (Ass Rappers)" is the latest visual/single off MC Bravado's critically acclaimed The Living Game project. 
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