LA duo EXES rethink 'success' on "Clapping on the TV"

LA-based duo EXES showcase their pop prowess on the new single "Clapping on the TV"—a swirling indie-pop track that floats between a hazy guitar backdrop and lightweight drum pads, the single delivers a blissful outing for EXES.

Released alongside the announcement of their debut album Don't Give Up On Me Now, "Clapping on the TV" is soaked in the indie sensibilities of guitar reverbs and lo-fi sonics. A track for those who are still chasing their dreams but feel like a failure because of everyone's showcase of "success", it's a reminder that you are exactly where you need to be right now. This moment is for you, accept its catharsis and reflect on your journey so far. 

“There was a time, fairly recently, where I needed to clap on game shows and talk shows in order to make money," Allie McDonald explains. "Music wasn’t paying the bills so I turned to paid seat filler jobs. It was probably the lowest point in my adult life. I questioned everything I was doing. I was getting older, running into people I went to college with—finding out they had babies and houses and retirement plans. I was barely scraping by. Sometimes it still feels that way. 'Clapping on the TV' came from that weird time. We wrote it with our friend, Petey, in the studio one day as an ode to all the late 20-year-olds who still don’t know which direction they’re headed. It’s a song for the misfits, the loners, and the kids who don’t want to grow up and give up on their dreams."

There's a weird comfort in knowing that even artists that you admire can feel exactly like you do at moments in your life. There's a sense of peace that comes from it, in finding out that your feelings and emotions aren't unique, and people from all walks of life can feel exactly the same. EXES have been incredibly honest and open on "Clapping on the TV", and for that, I'm incredibly grateful. I'm sure it's going to touch a lot more people too. 

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