Timma T joins Future Bounce with a funky two-track EP release

Newcomer Timma T has joined Jamz Supernova‘s Future Bounce label to release a fresh and vivacious UK Funky EP. Birmingham born and bred, Timma T is making a name for himself by carving out a unique sound and contributing a crisp new vibe to the genre.

Futurebounce · Timma T – Lua

A-side “Lua” is a straight-up room shaker. Melodic stabs warm the ears nicely before the dubby, rattling bass sets in and takes over. All of the above combined with cut-off vocals that melt into the track and bouncy breaks make “Lua” a gem for the dancefloor. If you’re looking for the perfect track to bop around to, look no further.

Whilst “Lua” feels apt for the club, b-side “Sol” is perfect for at-home listening pleasure. Energetic bass, lively percussion and shimmering synths come together to create a summery haven within the track. Brief snippets of groovy vocals serve as the icing on the cake; “Sol” is worthy of a place on everyone’s summer playlists.

Lua / Sol can be streamed via Spotify and downloaded via iTunes.

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