Pinkfiz channels an ignition of emotion in new single “318”

Known for her fiery feminism and flourishing repertoire to date, Pinkfiz has returned with her new single “318.” As she continues to ignite and empower her listeners with the resilience to live a life of your own accord, her next single delves into deeper sonic depths and chronicles alike.

Exploring the ambiguity of confrontation, “318” considers the connections felt with those close to you. Pinkfiz confides, “The song is about having romantic feelings for a close friend and wanting to take the relationship further but not wanting to ruin the friendship. It’s about the tension and anxiety around actually confronting the situation when both people know what’s going on”.

In a cathartic outlet of emotion, “318” comes to life in an explosion of reverberating rhythms, charged choruses and energized vocal energy. It’s Pinkfiz’s boundary-less ability to enrich listeners with her sound, sass and unwavering success that makes her latest single so remarkable. She continues, “It’s also about the risk, excitement and adrenaline that comes with having those feelings about someone already so close to you. It covers the fantasies that unravel in your head and the uncontrollable desire to make them come true.”

Needless to say, “318” is the perfect alt-rock anthem, as Pinkfiz enraptures listeners with the perfect confidence boost and captivating rebellion.

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