Jade Hilton finds the strength in words on “I Would” [Video]

In every songwriter’s repertoire, there are select words that weigh heavier on the tongue than most. Stories that take more heart than mind to recount. For Canadian newcomer Jade Hilton, it didn’t take long before she found them, tucked away inside a quiet melody. But rather than keep it quiet, she picked up a guitar instead and wrote her first single of the year—”I Would”—a song about heartbreak equipped with all the healing properties to cure it. 

For a song that can be best described by its visuals—minimal—”I Would” surprises with its emotional depth. Though the guitar chords are simple, and the percussive beat almost barren, there is beauty in the simplicity. A sense of control even as Hilton pleads an uncommitted lover to finally let her go—”cause falling out of love is easier than thinking you’ll be here.” In this most vulnerable moment, her unwavering vocals stand their ground, eager to prove their strength in tenderness. As the chorus unfurls, a raw cry buried under the surface tries to fight through the noise. Rather than give in to its anger, she tames it into a soft yowl, harmonizing with the guitar notes like emotional rations. 

On the surface, Hilton’s first attempt at a heartbreak song is charming, full of catchy hooks and soothing notes. Dig a little deeper, and you’ll soon find it’s an empowering anthem, warding off all unworthy lovers, and finding grace in the only love that matters—the one for yourself. 

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