Tom The MailMan shines light on injustices with “Piscesdontstandwithbadpolice”

With the topic of systemic racism propelled into the spotlight across the nation, Tom The MailMan shines a light on the life of being an African American male. He attempts to open eyes to the struggles that come with his experiences with his new single “Piscesdontstandwithbadpolice”. 

While people around the world have taken to the streets to protest racial injustice in America, Tom The MailMan used the strongest tool he knew to rouse support for the movement: his pen and paper. “Piscesdontstandwithbadpolice” is a brutally honest track that hits the core of American society. With a slow minimal production, listeners are able to focus on the stark picture of African American life that the Georgia rapper paints throughout the song. After shedding light on the injustices that he’s had to face throughout his life purely due to his skin color, the track leaves listeners with one simple message: to not “sit by” when seeing police brutality and to “speak up” for injustices. 

Tom The MailMan is expected to release his new album in the next week, and it’s anticipated to be packed with more eye-opening lyrics on society and life. 

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