TOMI explores the “Broad Strokes” of a long-distance relationship on a new indie banger

Marking a triumphant return, TOMI (Pam Autuori), the skilled producer and songwriter, unveils her latest indie track “Broad Strokes,” accompanied by a vibrant 80’s-style music video. The song delves into the intricacies of a long-distance romance between two women. While one passionately recounts the minutiae of her day, the other responds with deliberately vague and sweeping statements, leaving much to interpretation. The resulting emotional turmoil and apprehension about their future form the song’s compelling narrative.

the track opens with the warm embrace of vintage electric piano chords, instantly transporting listeners to a bygone era. This nostalgic intro seamlessly melds with the vibrant interplay of saxophone, bass, and drums, infusing the composition with an irresistible rhythmic groove. The spacious sonic arrangement perfectly complements TOMI’s fluid vocal melodies, evoking raw emotions.

Beyond her own solo work, TOMI’s prowess extends to songwriting and production for other notable artists like Tove Lo, Vérité, and Bre Kennedy. This multifaceted talent continues to redefine sonic boundaries, both in her performances and creative ventures.

Speaking on the new single, TOMI explains that “Broad Strokes is a feel good dance song about a long distance relationship between two women – one who tells every last detail of her day and the other who replies in vague and “broad stroke” terms, leaving a lot to the imagination. It is a feel good dance song about having extreme anxiety about the uncertainty of their future. “

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