Amsterdam’s Mar Omin releases the emotional new single “Little Bird”

Dutch artist Mar Omin announces the release of his debut album with the poignant new single “Little Bird”. THis tender ballad speaks of both the darkness and lightness within us, both of which enable us to feel a plethora of emotions.

Delving deep into the soul with his rich soundscapes, Mar Omin’s world of sound is a complex sonic universe. With his vocals floating upon the acoustic waters and warping minimal melody patterns, the almost haunting single is a moment of introspective reflection for Omin. “‘Little Bird’ is about the interaction I experience between me and my negative self belief, personified. How the negativity wants to keep me insecure and feeling low and feeds off that energy. The vocals in the verses and the bridge represent me, the pre hooks and hooks are the voice of the negative me.”

A cushioned, layered and shimmering moment of warming emotion, “Little Bird” speaks to those who find themselves in a negative space despite promising ourselves to step away from thoughts that hold us back. Mar Omin captures this so effortlessly; he’s a true artistic force.

Extricate, the debut album from Mar Omin, is set for release soon.

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