Yani K paid attention to what "Mama Said"

Up and coming act Yani K first caught our ears some years ago with her song "Antisocial" which gave an interesting take on the effects of social media. In her new single titled "Mama Said", she brings her unique insight into the dynamics of adulthood in this day and age.

The reflective record, produced by Mulade, is ripe with warm textures, crisp guitar riffs, and soft drums and clocks just below the two-minute mark but it's just enough for Yani K to share her life experiences as an adult. "Mama Said" takes us through the youthful exuberance of wishing to be older, independent, and in control of her life but when reality hits, all that starts to fade. From bills piling up, friendships slowly fading away to mismatched life priorities, the truth is adult life is not that fun. 

Yani K is a Maryland native who is somewhat green to the industry and has two EPs under her belt with Glass Half Full being the last project she put out. It seems "Mama Said" is a one-off release as no project is attached to it.

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