TOPS celebrates tour announcement with new single "Party Again"

After about a year of radio silence, TOPS is back and ready to not only continuing producing new material which includes their new single fittingly titled "Party Again" but finally have an opportunity to tour their 2020 release, I Feel Alive. 

With the release of "Party Again," TOPS is encouraging their fans that this is finally the time to come out, spend quality time with loved ones, bust a move and enjoy the shows which will spread across over two dozen North American cities this fall.

TOPS has sat on top of a podium of Montreal-based artists dominating the indie scene for some time now and they aren't ready to give up their spot on the throne. 

"Party Again" follows the successful recipe that has got the four-piece this far: dreamy guitar chords blending with synthesizers topped with the maraschino cherry of Jane Penny's vocals. The track was, however, written and composed by guitarist David Carriere. 

The message behind "Party Again" is pretty self-explanatory as the desire to return to pre-pandemic activities takes the forefront while the pastimes that we have become accustomed to are beginning to be loathed.

Starting in Palm Springs and ending in Los Angeles, TOPS will set out on their tour mid-October and tickets are available now.

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