Norman Sann flows like “Molten Chocolate Lava” on new single

Norman Sanchez, professionally known as Norman Sann, was born in Houston, Texas, to a single mother- and had his own fair share of struggles. After being enrolled in acting classes, Norman fell in love with music- eventually taking on trombone in junior high band. One thing led to another, and Norman learned percussion, then guitar, followed by harmonica, piano, and organ. Mostly self-taught, Norman’s musical journey had barely started. Fast forward to February 1, 2023, when Norman dropped an impeccable hip-hop song, titled “Molten Chocolate Lava”. In an industry where so many people write so many songs, Norman found a way to stand out, with wild vocal fluctuations, carefully written bars, and a groovy piano backdrop.

“In a league of my own, gonna leave me alone, destroying these beats, I’m good, like girl I’m bad to the bone”, says Norman as “Molten Chocolate Lava” begins. Although the lyrics invoke a sense of wonder, the infectious delivery adds so much more. And so it continues throughout the entirety of the track- Norman’s vocals hop around, the song’s mix continues to amaze, and listeners go ballistic. For fans of hip-hop and hidden gem artists, Norman Sann should be at the top of the discovery list. And “Molten Chocolate Lava” will be nothing short of audible amazement.

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