TYDL unveil the innovative and transcendent new EP, ‘Ethereal’

TYDL are an alternative pop duo from Brighton, UK. Their new EP Ethereal, delivers an empowering message, reminding listeners of their self-worth and identity, emphasized by lead singer Rebecca’s bad bitch, villain energy. The conception of the EP started with Rebecca wanting to create something that reflected the part of her that she had lost. We’ve all been there before, desperately trying to navigate our way through life and through candid lyrics and real, relatable themes, TYDL have hit the nail on the head. 

The new EP is a delicious fusion of electronic, hip-hop, R&B and gospel genres. This eclectic mix results in something that is refreshing and new, yet comfortingly familiar. The duo name ​​Sigrid, Bastille, Billie Eilish and Avicii as some of their influences, specifically honing in on the production elements of “do re mi” by Blackbear and “Lord It’s a Feeling” by London Grammar, as well as the entire Euphoria soundtrack. 

The four-track EP features songs such as “God Complex” which speaks the truth about bullying, as well as “Ethereal” which tells the story of an obsessed lover with witchy powers. Rebecca explains, “The song is really about how we all have a part of us that can’t be controlled and we need to accept that and use it to our advantage.”

TYDL are certainly carving out their own unique path with Ethereal, while injecting listeners with a much needed dose of empowerment all at the same time. 

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