Astrokidjay shares new music video for “No Love No Trust Freestyle”

Emerging 19-year-old Toronto artist Astrokidjay made his debut in 2019 with a slew of singles that showcased his laidback melodic flow reminiscent of an early Young Thug mixed with a dash of Kirko Bangz. His sound resonates with Southern hip-hop influence but he is never too proud to inject some of T-dot energy into his songs such as the catchy “Frozen.”  On his newest release titled “No Love No Trust Freestyle” which is just a few seconds short of the 2-minute mark, Astrokidjay shines bright with his smooth flow and catchy melodies layered over the mid-tempo booming trap backdrop courtesy of fellow Canadian Evrgreen. The track might sound somewhat happy in nature but Astrokidjay’s reflective lyrics peers deep into how lack of love and trust can lead to disaster at the end of it all.

“No Love No Trust Freestyle” also comes with a video directed and edited by 88Everything who helps bring the rapper’s calm demeanor to life. He makes use of fast-cut scenes and short performance shots of Astrokidjay to great effect. All these are spiced up by extensive and probably gratuitous use of skin-clad models who perform sensual dance moves and much more. 

Astrokidjay is currently working on more music and his forthcoming album will feature Roy woods, Jay Critch, and more.

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