Valentina reflects on themes of self-love on haunting electro-pop number “Love Myself”

Former Hot Chip and Kano vocalist Valentina reflects on themes of female independence and self-love on haunting electro-pop number “Love Myself,” an intricate yet minimal track featuring eerie but ethereal vocal lines that float over sombre electronic organ instrumentation.

With a melancholic and lonesome feel brought to life by a powerful combination of her emotive voice and poignant lyrics, the nuanced offering juxtaposes empowerment with a harrowing, heart breaking and honest expression of wanting to be loved.

Exploring the idea of seeking love at the expense of oneself, the track draws from the singer’s own deep desires to push aside loneliness and a lack of self-love in an intimate yet intensely relatable confession.

A multi-faceted artist/producer and vocalist Valentina’s ability to craft authentic anthems laden with heartfelt messages is what solidifies her as a voice for a generation of young women.

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