Vandelux and Kygo’s stellar vocalist drop blissful chart-topper “Right Now”

Vancouver multi-instrumentalist, producer, and vocalist, Vandelux (Evan White) has shared cathartic debut album When The Light Breaks, led by impressive lead single “Right Now,” featuring vocals from Kygo’s collaborator Parson James.

Rooted in a deft understanding of balancing the familiar with the undeniably new, White whose musicality and moniker comes to life as an amalgamation of the cities – Vancouver, Deland, Luxembourg – he has lived in and influenced his craft has honed in on an ability to create soundscapes that work their way into the collective conscience.

With a diverse track list includes hits like “Fly Away,” “Preach,” and “Wait For The Moment,” the album is an introspective and therapeutic journey that weaves a range of genres and emotions leading us through the highs and lows of life through music.

Speaking of the album, he says,”This project has been a four year therapy session for me. It has helped me through some of the lowest points in my life, and has also given me an outlet to express and hold onto some of the absolute high points. As much as I want to say I created this album for others, it was really a selfish endeavor. But I hope that others find something here that helps them – or brings them joy – in the same way that writing it did for me.”

He has alsoembarked on his first US and Canada tour with sold out tour dates in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver and Vancouver. Captivating and consistently surpassing expectations, Vandelux continues to solidify his status as a rising star in the electronic music scene.

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