Becky CJ opens up on “I Think I’m In Love With My Best Friend”

South London based singer-songwriter Becky CJ is back to wholly ensnare your consciousness with the mesmeric “I Think I’m In Love With My Best Friend.” Regardless of what music you’re into, we all have a soft spot of heartstring-pulling piano-led ballads, and this track perfectly realises that urge in a vividly relatable fashion.

Wrought with vulnerability from the word go, her tenderly understated delivery performs as an overture for the ensuing emotion and is nothing short of enchanting. Leaving you hanging off each word, Becky addresses the grey area between platonic and romantic love, with her elucidating in an email statement that, “I wrote ‘I Think I’m In Love With My Best Friend’ when I was a few months into a very emotionally confusing relationship with my female friend. We had spent 6 months or so finding every way to spend as much of our time together as possible, we formed a band, started a podcast, were in a choir together and spent all our social time with one another. I knew that there was something different going on between us, I’d never had this kind of friendship before and it was starting to feel very overwhelming.”

The track swells and soars with emotion, dynamically unravelling through different poignant shades, yet manages to reach a new plateau beyond them towards the latter half. Choral accompaniment reinforces the already strong vocal and powerfully delivered message, and if your attention wasn’t solely on the music by now it certainly would be then.

She concludes in the same statement, “One evening I sat down at the piano and sung the phrase ‘I think I’m in love with my best friend’. I’d never said those words out loud before and honestly, I just started crying, it was a really scary admission!! The song is really raw and I think it is the most honest I have ever been lyrically before. It means so much to me and now that me and my friend are together (woo it wasn’t unrequited) I look back on this song and what it represents so fondly.”

“I Think I’m In Love With My Best Friend” is available now via frtyfve.

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