Waiting For Smith returns with an amazing song, “Small Things”

Waiting For Smith has recently returned from a beautiful European tour and has teamed up with Grammy-winning producer Danton Supple and the Ingoma Choir from the IY Township in South Africa. They have created a fantastic song called “Small Things,” which talks about the artist’s travels around the world and the important stories we often overlook daily.

After completing a successful 10-date tour with singer-songwriter Isaac Anderson, Waiting For Smith is now going on his own tour across Europe. “Small Things” is an excellent example of his growth as an artist; this song promises that more great music will come.

Producer Danton Supple, who has won a Grammy award for his work with Coldplay and Patti Smith, has done a fantastic job in creating this song. The Ingoma Choir has added a beautiful cultural dimension to the song, uniquely blending global appeal and heartfelt stories.

The song urges us to pay attention to the small things in life and appreciate their significance. Waiting For Smith’s powerful lyrics and the choir’s beautiful harmonies create an incredible musical journey that transcends borders and connects us all as human beings.

“Small Things” is not just a song; it’s a collaboration of hearts and voices from different parts of the world, coming together to celebrate the beauty found in life’s subtle details. As Waiting For Smith continues to expand his musical horizons, “Small Things” emerges as a harmonious anthem that reminds us to appreciate the profound tales hidden within the tapestry of our everyday lives.

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