Will Eason & Nic Hanson share the smooth and soul-drenched new single “Figured”

“Figured” by Will Eason & Nic Hanson is a serendipitous journey from Instagram tease to neo-soul gem, brimming with spring fever and boundless potential. Eason’s initial riff, morphing into a collaborative endeavor with Hanson, blossoms into a breezy anthem of possibility.

Hanson, hailing from Philadelphia, infuses the track with echoes of D’Angelo and Usher, tinged with Justin Timberlake’s playful bravado. His airy falsetto and soulful delivery are captivating, showcased in last year’s R&B marvel, “The Time,” and his Instagram sessions where musical magic brews in his NYC apartment.

Meanwhile, Eason, based in London, showcases his collaborative prowess, seamlessly blending jazz and soul influences. “Figured” epitomizes their synergy, weaving delicious grooves, soulful vocals, and an epic guitar solo into a rich tapestry of sound.

In this testament to spontaneous creativity, “Figured” emerges as Eason’s magnum opus, a testament to the power of collaborative improvisation and the transformative magic of musical camaraderie.

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