Zach Bailey delivers an emotional roller coaster “When I Was With You”

Zach Bailey has recently released a new song called “When I Was With You,” an emotional roller coaster that takes you on a journey filled with happiness and sadness. Produced by Gal Petel, this track showcases Bailey’s talent as a songwriter and performer.

Right from the beginning, Bailey’s voice draws you in, creating a musical experience that starts slow and builds up to something that is both touching and catchy at the same time. The song is perfect for spontaneous holiday dance parties or for blasting on your road trip playlist.

Gal Petel’s production skills take the song to the next level, creating an atmosphere that fills the listener with joy and happiness. As the music reaches its peak, it evokes strong emotions masterfully delivered by Bailey’s performance.

This song is not just about releasing a new track. It’s a celebration of artistry and emotional storytelling. “When I Was With You” is a timeless song that will resonate with anyone who appreciates authentic and genuine music from the artist’s soul.

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