Album Review: Greentea Peng – MAN MADE

British artist Greentea Peng has released her debut album MAN MADE. Created last summer as part of a month-long wilderness retreat with her seven-piece house band the Seng Seng Family in rural England, the project takes us into the freeing world of Greentea Peng. It incorporates disparate influences from dub, ragga, soul, funk, jazz, hip-hop, rock and drum & bass into an 18-track record that never drags or gets tired.

With all of these differing influences being compiled and woven together, she is able to keep a structure that never strays too far from a cohesive sonic idea. There are moments of pure exaltation or moments of subdued clarity like on “Meditation,” where she says, “music is my belonging” – an idea that is so simple, but likely resonates with everyone listening.

“Nah It Ain’t The Same” is soul and funk fusion straight out of the best of the 70s with a touch of 90’s R&B for one of the more danceable and fun moments of the album. The title track is a fierce declaration of independence from those who wish to frame her story or bring her down (us jabroni media folks), politicians and just everyone else with negative energy.

She is often having fun on the record with the single “Dingaling,” which is yes a reference to what you think it is and a catchy hook. When you think the album doesn’t have any more twists, we get to the end with “Jamtastic Blues” and she throws a funky, psychedelic rock tune at you for one last dance.

Greentea Peng and the Seng Seng Family have created an album that has breadth, depth and power. It is always shifting and evolving, with new sounds around each bend without getting lost in over experimentation. She sums this album up in her own words in the first two songs, “This sound…. it’s very physical and literal, but metaphysical and mystical.” When the artist puts it this succinctly, let’s listen. And listen to this album you should.

Pick up your copy of the album here and listen now.