Ambient Meditations Season 2 – Vol 31 – David Ireland + R.A.D.E.

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So as we roll into the already crazy '21, we will be flipping up our format with rotating guests every other week and a radio-style broadcast for the other two with the occasional guest mix thrown in – this week, we have U.K. artist R.A.D.E. For episode 31, we will also be showcasing new music from Bicep, John Tejada, The Magician, Raul Alvarez, Emancipator & Asher Fulero, and more hand-picked gems from the downtempo genre across ambient to more mid-tempo jams. The R.A.D.E. mix that will take you old-schoolers back to the days of the chillout room with a modern twist, deep soothing ambient vibes, with some lovely percussive moments – smoking music.

AM Vol 31 By David Ireland + R.A.D.E. Mix

Emancipator & Asher Fulero – Sunny Side Up

Emancipator & Asher Fulero – Surf City

Raul Alvarez – May The Sun Return

Raul Alvarez – The Widow Sun

John Tejada – The Haunting of Earth

Marie Wilhelmine Anders – Autumn Fires (Rikaar Remix)

Morgen Wurde & Tis – Weist (Featuring Georges Emmanuel Schneider)

NTEIBINT – Colours (Edit)

Bicep – Sundial

The Magician – One Vibration Mix (Edit)

R.A.D.E. Mix

With You – Nthng (Lobster Theremin)

We Could Disappear – Baby T (Central Processing Unit)

Empty Slopes – Mount Shrine (Cryo Chamber)

Changes – Synkro (Apollo)

Timelapse – Sieren (Apollo)

Skin Deep – Dusky (Global Communication Remix) (17 Steps)

More on R.A.D.E.

R.A.D.E.'s music inhabits the twilight between euphoria and melancholy, melding ambient atmospherics and emotive melodies with the low-end pressure and fractured breakbeats of U.K. bass music.

Originally from London, but now based in Los Angeles, R.A.D.E. cut his teeth DJ'ing in back rooms, basements, and post-rave parties in the South of England, reveling in the freedom to traverse genres beyond the confines of the dance floor. A handful of releases followed on U.K. labels before a hiatus and a relocation to California. In 2018 he re-emerged with a new moniker and a sound that returns to his D.J. origins – drawing inspiration from a broad spectrum of electronic music to create immersive sounds for home listening and sound systems alike.

New E.P. is out on all streaming platforms.

@theradesound on Instagram.

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