Bristol Dubstep Pioneer Pinch Announces First Solo Album In 13 Years ‘Reality Tunnels’

UK dubstep pioneer Pinch, real name Rob Ellis, has announced his first album in 13 years, Reality Tunnels. The new album from the Bristol producer will arrive next month on his Tectonic label.

The album and its title Reality Tunnels take its inspiration from Robert Anton Wilson and his 1983 book Prometheus Rising.

“The concept of a reality tunnel relates to an idea on how we create our own perspective – the subjective filter that we each apply to the world around us; the things we perceive and what our consciousness deems worthy of attention, IE what we see and hear is entirely relative to what we do not,” explains Ellis in a statement.

The 10 track album (11 with a digital bonus) will cover a lot of ground with techno, grime, dub, jungle, dubstep and more. Pinch's last solo album was 2007's Underwater Dancehall, and his latest solo EP was Border Control on Berceuse Heroique last year. He has been collaborating with others on projects over the past 13 years, however.

Reality Tunnels will be released on June 26. It can be pre-ordered here. Check out the first single "Accelerated Culture."


01. Entangled Particles ft. Emika
02. All Man Got feat. Trim
03. Accelerated Culture
04. Returnity
05. Making Space
06. Party feat. Killa P
07. Back To Beyond
08. Change Is A Must feat. Inezi
09. Non-Terrestrial Forms
10. The Last One feat. Nive & The Deer Children
11. What Are We Waiting For feat. Trim (Digital Bonus Track)