Gramatik & Luxas Channel 2020’s Existential Dread Into Haunting Sci-Fi Album ‘Cyberpunk 2020 OST’

Feeling like the world is about to end? Me too. Gramatik & Luxas have released an album to soundtrack that end of the world titled Cyberpunk 2020 OST, which offers a sci-fi twist on the horrible year that has been 2020. It is their imagined soundtrack for this year, if it was a cyberpunk movie.

"Luxas and I had the idea to score some of the key world events of 2020 as if they were scenes unfolding in a slow-paced cyberpunk thriller," explains Gramatik. "This is our soundtrack to the film that never was."

Though soundtracks without the actual film can sometimes sound lost without the visual cues to guide them, this album feels right at home alongside the existential dread of 2020. It is dark, haunting and at times beautiful with low, rumbling bass, ebbing and flowing underneath raw modular / analogue synths that capture a moody sci-fi world. It is influenced by Blade Runner, The Matrix, and A Clockwork Orange.

This isn’t your heavy electro funk from Gramatik, but something dark that both fits the season and the year of upheaval and shit. However, in all of it, there lies a layer of beauty that helps to make this a pleasant listen from start to finish as you look outdoors over a world that seems to shift day by day.

Get your copy of the record here and listen below.