India Jordan Releases Joyous, Vibrant & Fun New EP ‘For You’

London-based producer and DJ India Jordan has released her new six-track project For You. For someone who has to sift through mediocre dance music for hours a day, hearing something as vibrant as this is a fucking refreshing change.

The 30-minute project is a burst of light and joy in your day that might otherwise be pretty monotonous and shitty at the moment. It starts out with the bright and fun “I’m Waiting (Just 4 U)” that flips a disco sample on its head, repeats it and brings the best of what you want from filter modern filter house into one record. Clear out the nearest floor space and get to dancing.

The title track carries that same energy and speeds things up a bit with soulful house and frenetic drums underneath. It remains colorful and bright with light piano echoing on top.

The EP then takes a turn towards melodic and more measured electronic music with the aptly titled "Emotional Melodical" with its fluttering arps and flickering percussion. That is the entrance to the rave that slaps you in the face on the next two records “Rave City” and “Westbourne Ave” with its calculated doses of melodic jungle and drum and bass.

The EP eventually calms down a bit like the end of a night with “Dear Nan King” though the raving doesn’t come to a complete stop.

The 30 minute burst is about as joyous a dancefloor record you will hear this year. The project was designed with that in mind.

The cover art was shot at Dalston Superstore, a legendary queer venue in Dalston that’s close to India’s heart.

“I've always been really into toilets, I did a photography project at college writing messages in toilets for people”, they explain. “I'm drawn to the idea that they're public but ultimately isolated and individual, so writing a message was a way to show another human had been there.”

The EP is very attached to the dancefloor, but there is a personal detachment that this EP allows you to feel, like you are in the toilet and can take a breather from the madness only a few feet away.

There are going to be a billion DJ live streams this weekend. If DJs aren't putting selections from this EP in their mixes, they need to be better.

Pick up your copy here and stream it below.