Interview: Bass music savior Holly talks COVID home life, staying positive, and producing massive bangers with Baauer+Uno the Activist

In 2017, Portuguese producer Holly released over 600 tracks, establishing himself as the single most prolific bass music artist on the planet. Since then, he's channeled his speed-production superpower to generate hit after hit, growing his influence on contemporary dance culture each release.

This week, Holly dropped his latest creation "Just Enough" ft. Baauer & Uno the Activist to deliver a sick double feature that will keep you grooving into Fall.

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How’s things been since we last spoke Holly? Whatcha been up to since last EDC?

Hey! Everything has been going well which I'm really grateful for. Looking back now it seems like the last EDC was on another planet or during another lifetime but since then I've kept just doing my thing, making music, living life, and just working on staying as happy as I can.

How’s your COVID life been? How have you been staying sane without the outlet and energy from live shows? (Habits etc)

The routine has been kinda similar to my life before COVID since I usually spend most of my time in front of my laptop working. The activities that I miss the most are traveling. The last time that I spent this much time in the same place was back in 2017, and I really miss the feeling of being on a plane and traveling to a new location and culture. I've been staying optimistic though, working every day as hard as I can, and being with my family in my hometown in Portugal. Those are the main reasons I'm feeling ok during all this uncertainty.

What tracks/bands/artists have you been listening to the most in lockdown? Have your listening habits changed much during this period?

I haven't been listening to that much music lately, to be honest, but at the beginning of the lockdown I was listening to lot to Teyana Taylor and lately to Big Sean's new album, which is amazing.

What was it like working with Uno the Activist and Baauer, respectively, on these tracks? How did y’all get hooked up together?

It was great! Baauer and I would just talk on IG from time to time. Last year I went to NYC, we finally met. Since then, we started making tons of music together and now our collabs just feel very natural and organic. We started this idea probably more than a year ago and I always liked it a lot so I'm stoked that it's finally coming out. With UnoTheActivist, it's the opposite. We never really met or talked but I had this instrumental for a remix that didn't get approved so I sent it to a mutual friend that we have and Uno liked it. We haven't talked yet which is kinda unusual for me in these situations but I actually DM'd him a couple of days ago but he didn't say anything yet even though he saw the DM haha. Other than that I'm really glad he is part of the project, I'm a fan of his work and hope we can have more opportunities to make music in the future.

What was your inspiration for these massive tracks, and what do you want people to feel when they listen?

I just want people to feel good and inspired, that's all – and give them a new feeling like they are listening to something that brings a new emotion to their life. There wasn't a specific inspiration, but I wanted to create bass music that are bangers but still fresh enough to easily play in 10 years from now.

Any shoutouts or other thoughts/wisdom you wanna share to folks reading this?

That we are all human beings and you are not above anyone else, respect each other, and spread love, please. Oh, also please wear a mask, thank you and I hope you like the records!