Spotlight Artists – Riotron Newest Track “Life Is Worth Living”, Picked Up By The Living Legend Paul Oakenfold

A huge accomplishment for any electronic music creator, Riotron’s music has already come through the hands of many renowned artists including, Black Caviar, Wuki etc…

Since 2020, Riotron has been releasing tracks that are instrument heavy, as he combines jazz, synth, electro and house into these massive melodies. He’s already positioned himself as an easy-to-listen artist and is now spreading his wings to the wider industry. A simple slide, powerful lyrics, and that vibrant synth give this track a flexibility to be paired with hundreds of different styles.

A momentous club banger, Paul Oakenfold’s remix is going to be everywhere this summer and with good reason. Focusing a little less on the vocals, and a little more on a heavy base, the track is definitely a stomper for the dancefloor. With almost 5 minutes of play time, it gives DJ’s plenty of opportunities to expand, reinvent and hypnotize the crowd.

Regarding the remix, Paul Oakenfold said:

“I really enjoyed working on the remix for ‘Life Is What We’re Living’ with Riotron. I tried to take it in a more uplifting direction and I think everyone will be pleased with the final result. I know I am”.

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Spotlight Artists – Riotron Newest Track “Life Is Worth Living”, Picked Up By The Living Legend Paul Oakenfold

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The remix renamed “Life” is a synth pop fantasy with a smooth autotuned vocal made for both your 10pm and 2am crowd. Oakenfold has applied his secret sauce formula as always, and made this into an interchangeable track from the dance floor to the radio.

Jeff Fettes of Riotron revealed officially: 

"Paul Oakenfold is the reason I got interested in dance music. In fact, he’s one of the reasons everyone is interested in it. Listening to his early music inspired me to mix genres and in the process elevate the core song into something more original. I was honored that he even listened to my song, let alone remixed it."

With Riotron’s most recent release hitting nearly 10million views on youtube, the Oakenfold remix will be taking the internet by storm. Get ready, we have a feeling this song is going to be one of the hottest this summer.

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