The Dead Daisies & Dance With The Dead Re-work 80’s Synthwave "Unspoken"

Coming hot on the heels of the original (which dropped last month), there is a new reworking of The Dead Daisies' "Unspoken" from Dance With The Dead. With this huge tune straight off the group's forthcoming album Holy Ground, we are stoked to present a different twist on the original. 

The Dead Daisies have made this one with Dance With The Dead, who ensure their sounds are always dripping in 80s swagger and plenty of synth-led melodies. "Unspoken" is gripping from start to finish, and piles on rock n roll vibes with killer vocals weaving their way into the mix. 

Reflecting on the remix, Dance With The Dead's Justin Pointer says: “It was a great honor to work with such powerhouse legends in the industry, and we had a lot of fun working on this.” 

Check out the track now.