Apparat Releases Soundtrack To Italian-language Film ‘Capri-Revolution’

Apparat has released the soundtrack to an Italian-language film Capri-Revolution. The soundtrack feels very Apparat, but works very well for the film. The release today, done with frequent collaborator Philipp Thimm, re-edits and remixes the score for at home listening. 

Their work was awarded the David di Donatello – the Italian equivalent of an Academy Award – for Best Soundtrack in 2019.

The score starts out haunting and quiet, like there is some far away monster that you know is coming, but you can’t escape. The glitchy, disappearing production that we know from Apparat rears its head on tracks like “La Gravidanza.” Sometimes the soundtrack becomes very quiet and distant to draw you like on “Electricity” before you are thrust back into emotional strings.

Directed by Mario Martone, the film centers on Lucia (Marianna Fontana), a young goatherd living on Capri in 1914, when Europe is on the precipice of World War I. Also on the island is a commune of free-spirited, politically radical Northern European artists and intellectuals who have retreated to the lush Mediterranean idyll to put their fledgling ideologies into practice. Chafing at the traditions of her native community, Lucia finds herself drawn to the commune and its idealistic leader—but soon she must reckon with the vast tides of cultural and political change.

There are fleeting moments of hope, but only to make the plunge back into despair and sadness that more powerful.

The album moves quickly, with most tracks ranging between one and three minutes. Then the soundtrack gives one final gasp with an eight-minute finale, where Apparat sings over slow moving strings and fluttering piano.

This is the first of a series of scores Apparat has done over his career that he will be releasing in 2020 

Listen to the full soundtrack below.