Weedsday Playlist: Ok Ok Creative’s Whitney & Emily Share 5 Songs For Your Next Smoke Sesh

Whitney Adrian & Emily McCarter are ok ok creative: a pair of creatives that share a passion for helping brands make their mark on the cannabis community through content creation, influencer marketing, social media strategy and real-life experiences. ok ok creative was born in Boulder, CO, but works with clients across global markets.

They are next up with our Weedsday playlist, bringing together folk, R&B and rap into this week’s playlist.

1. Kota the Friend – Colorado

Hands down our favorite artist to listen to when we’re together, Kota the Friend is always bringing the best vibes with his chill-but-catchy beats and positive, love-oriented lyrics. His message comes through on this track loud and clear: life is too short to pay attention to the bad stuff; focus on the good and the rest will follow. We love that he has an anthem to the beautiful state of Colorado where the mountains and people are free and high.

2. The Wood Brothers - I Got Loaded

Ironically, we love listening to this folky sing-along song about boozing it up when smoking even though we don’t really drink. The song definitely brings us back to the days when we used to drink and wake up hungover, searching for the meaning of life before we realized cannabis was and is the answer. When we do decide to have a glass of wine or beer, we always pregame to this song. Even if you don't like folk or country music, it's hard to not sing along or tap your foot to this tune.

3. Ari Lennox – Backwood

This song has become iconic to rolling up our favorite types of blunts — a backwood. Russian Cream, more specifically. In the song, Ari talks about why smoking a blunt is so blissful and therapeutic. She sings, "I said me and my backwood, Ooh we be vibing so good." A blunt gives you a more intense high because the cannabis is paired with a tobacco wrap, which we love on the right occasion.

4. Susto – Smoking Outside

Some serious nostalgia comes along with this song. Susto has a powerful acid rock vibe with heartfelt lyrics. McCarter has known the band for a few years, and we went to see them together at Boulder Theatre last year. After the show we ended up meeting “Ashley” who is the girl in the song smoking the bong. This song will be a slow anthem for years to come, plus we always prefer to smoke outside. 

5. Leikeli47 – Girl Blunt

Last but not least, the song that has defined our stoner friendship! We had the pleasure of seeing Leikeli47 perform it live at the Underground Music Showcase last summer and meeting her after, too! We brought a blunt to the show that Whitney had rolled in the car for when she played this song, and it was everything and more.