England On Pace to End COVID-19 Restrictions by July 19

England is moving toward fully reopening nightclubs and venues.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced this week that the country will soon move to the next stage of reopening, after being delayed from June 21st. Effective July 19th, mask wearing, social distancing, and restrictions on gatherings will be lifted — as long as stage four is confirmed on July 12th.

However, Johnson remarked, “I want to stress from the outset that this pandemic is far from over and it will certainly not be over by [July] 19th. We must reconcile ourselves sadly to more deaths from COVID.”

If everything goes according to plan, that means clubs and festivals in England will be able to move forward with no proof of vaccination required, unless otherwise decided upon by the venue.

The Delta variant sparks a particular concern for the UK, but Johnson is for a Summer reopening versus the Fall. Attendees are still encouraged to remain cautious and take personal responsibility to help suppress the spread of COVID-19.

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H/T: DJ Mag | Source: NPR, Photo Credit: Shutterstock / Anna Omelchenko