FREAKY Drops Thrilling Second Album, ‘Ascension’

Accomplished bass artist FREAKY recently unveiled his highly anticipated second album, “Ascension,” following the success of his debut, “Duality.” The album offers not just a collection of tracks but an immersive experience, accompanied by an audio book and story that delves into the creative process behind the music. Ascension is more than a sequel; it represents FREAKY‘s best work to date, providing a direct look into his identity, challenges overcome, and the continuous upward path of the past decade. It serves as a reflection of a sustained climb, capturing the essence of his personal journey.

The introduction of “Duality” sets the stage for FREAKY’s narrative, serving as a foundational chapter that introduces his persona, sound, and intertwined journey with Alex. This precursor lays the groundwork for the sonic exploration witnessed in “Ascension,” marking the onset of FREAKY’s quest for self-discovery and sobriety. Building on the success of “Duality” on Subsidia Records, “Ascension” delves deeper into FREAKY’s life, focusing on maintaining sobriety and reaping the rewards of dedication. The album visually embodies the duality within FREAKY’s music, with black symbolizing the heavier, powerful sounds and gold representing the melodic, stable compositions. Alongside a revamped bird emblem aligning with the album’s theme, FREAKY is crafting new visual content to seamlessly unify the thematic elements of “Ascension,” capturing his journey towards a healthier state of mind and reflecting his personal growth and achievements. This album encapsulates a year’s worth of music, echoing not only his path towards wellness but also the challenges he faced before discovering a newfound appreciation for life.

FREAKY shares, “This year, amongst many other things, I allowed myself to be vulnerable, I stayed sober, and I married my best friend. I also started seeing all of my hard work paying off and it made me hungrier than ever. I am ready to work harder than anyone. I am ready to be the best version of myself. I am ready to Ascend.”

Listen below!