[PREMIERE] Klangkarussell Debut Stunning New Video For “My World”

Hot on the heels of their last single, “Shipwreck,” Klangkarussell dropped a second new track, “My World.” An epic, 10 minute long cut featuring a vocal from Kyle Pearce, “My World” is about the destruction of nature and the looming ecological crisis – themes that Klangkarussell have previously touched upon in their songs.

Now comes the epic 10-minute short film to accompany the song, weaving in characters from European folklore into the story, including the Krampus, the woodchopper, and Pinocchio. The female character (played by actress Valerie Huber) represents nature; the narrative of the video follows her through a stunning natural landscape as she is hunted by the aforementioned characters – the woodchopper representing deforestation – leading to her ultimate demise on the forest floor. Intercut with this storyline are images of environmental destruction and endangered animal species. The film was directed by Christoffer Borggren and Tobi, with Matthew Rowean from Matte Projects as Creative Director.

“The team did an incredible job during these difficult times. Special thanks also to Brett from Grossarl who made the Krampus mask and Tobi’s neighbour who allowed us to film on their land.” – Klangkarussell

Check out the video below.