SWG3 Nightclub Testing Out New Technology to Power Venue Through Body Heat

Arts, venue and events company SWG3 is heating up — literally — to power its nightclub.

The Scottish warehouse complex is testing out a system that will use body heat to power the venue’s electricity, including full production of lights and music. The effort comes as part of the UN’s Climate Change Conference (COP26), to be held in Glasgow this Fall.

Using BODYHEAT technology, SWG3 will implement the “renewable heating and cooling system.” As dancers and workers emit body heat throughout the night, “channelling their combined energy into twelve 150m-deep boreholes drilled beneath the venue.”

Considering body heat radiates roughly 100 watts of energy per human, even before dancing — the team at SWG3 says that should be enough to generate power for the venue and pump cool air back into the space. They also estimate saving 70 tonnes of CO2 per year if the trial is a success.

Managing Director of SWG3 Andrew Fleming Brown shares: “BODYHEAT is our innovative contribution to a global issue, and will help us to dramatically decrease our energy consumption — bringing us one step closer to becoming a carbon-neutral venue in the not-so-distant future.”

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Source: Mixmag | Photo courtesy of SWG3